Horizontal Grinding

Versatile horizontal grinding machines for fast and affordable waste processing

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Fast and Affordable Waste Processing

When it comes to horizontal grinding of whole trees, forestry slash, green waste, demolition timber, contaminated material, soiled timber, kiwifruit vines and much more, All Terrain Chipping have you covered.

We provide a prompt, reliable horizontal grinding service at a competitive price. We do it once, and we do it right.

  • The largest mobile capacity machine in the country with a 760-horsepower engine
  • Infeed opening of 1000 mm x 1500 mm
  • Easily transportable and maneuverable
  • For recyclable purposes, the ability to separate wire from grindings
  • Equipped with interchangeable grates to give you variable size product options

Massive Machines and Specialist Teams

Armed with massive yet highly manoeuvrable equipment and big buckets of know-how, you can rely on our experienced team to get the job done, the whole job, on time, and hassle-free.

We do it once, and we do it right.

We've got you covered

Tree Chipping

Turning your unwanted trees into chips and mulch fast

Stump Grinding

Grinding tree stumps any size to 500 mm (19 inches) below ground level

Land Clearing

Clearing the way for large development projects through to orchard and shelterbelt removal

Waste Processing

Versatile horizontal grinding for the fast and affordable processing of contaminated materials, construction, demolition and green waste


Mulching trees, brush, branches, slash, standing and fallen trees, returning organic matter to the soil

Orchard Removal

Maximising your land potential and creating a blank canvas for growth

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It's time to maximise the potential of your land.

For land clearing, tree removal, chipping, and stump grinding, the team at All Terrain Chipping have you covered.

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